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What Is Neurontin?

This medicine is also known by its generic name, Gabapentin. It belongs to the drug class, Gamma-Aminobutyric acid analogs. It is marketed as an anti-epileptic medicine, also known as an anticonvulsant. It helps to treat certain seizures by affecting certain nerves or chemicals in a patient’s body. It is usually prescribed when neuropathic pain treatment is recommended to an adult. Such pain is usually caused by shingles or the herpes virus. Neurontin is also prescribed to children, besides adults, who are above three years of age. This brand or form of an active substance, Gabapentin, must be consumed only under prescription. Make sure you receive the right medicine, as indicated on the prescription label, from your doctor.


Precautions to Consume

If you are prescribed a dosage, ensure that you follow through with it. Gabapentin could have certain side effects such as breathing difficulties. If you suffer from such symptoms, you must consult a medic or phone your local emergency helpline. Often people complain that they are experiencing drowsy after consuming the remedy. Other secondary effects include behavioral changes or suicidal tendencies. It is also recommended that one doesn’t take on a hazardous activity or drive when they are consuming this drug. Neurontin can provoke dizziness or drowsiness which in turn affects alertness levels. Before consuming this remedy, you should make sure that you don’t suffer from allergy to the active component Gabapentin. Hence, you need to inform a physician if you suffer from the following preconditions: ● Chronic obstructive illnesses of lungs. ● Kidney ailment or/and if you’re on the dialysis. ● Mood alteration or/and depression. ● Drug addiction. ● Liver or/and heart disorder. ● If you snooze during the daytime or work at night. Children who are specified this remedy often undergo behavioral changes. Adults could have suicidal thoughts after consuming the remedy. Hence, users of this drug need to be aware of such signs or if they experience alterations in mood. If any symptom is new or the state worsens, one needs to consult their doctor. It is unknown how the medicine affects unborn babies. One needs to tell their doctor if they are pregnant or are planning on pregnancy. In case one suffers from a seizure, control of such a state is necessary for pregnancy as well. Control of convultions is important for the physical wellness of the mother as well as of a baby. Hence, one should consult a doctor and take their advice. If the doctor prescribes Neurontin for controlling seizures even after knowing one’s pregnancy, it would be safe to do so. The names of such patients are added to the pregnancy registry of the region so that the progress of the baby can be tracked as the medicine is administered. In the case of breastfeeding mothers, taking such medications is not recommended. One should discuss such risks with their physician.

How to Take Neurontin?

The medicine should be taken as prescribed by one’s doctor. One should follow the directions given on the prescription label. It should not be consumed in lesser or bigger quantities than prescribed by a doctor. One’s physician could change the brand name or strength of the remedy. Accordingly, a dosage could change as well. One should ask their pharmacologist if they have some queries about a new sort of Gabapentin that they are specified. It is usually consumed with or before food. In case you eat half of a tablet, then they should administer another half at the period of the next portion. If a pill is broken it should be consumed within several days. If you are specified the pill or capsule form, don’t chew, break or smash the same. If Neurontin is in liquid form, it is best to measure out the liquid carefully. There is usually a dosage syringe that is provided. The same device should be used to measure out liquid medicine, or any other device similar to that. Even if one feels fine, the dosage should continue for the time recommended by the medic. If the therapy is abruptly stopped then convulsions might increase. In case you wish to taper the portion, it is best to discuss the same with a physician. If you’re being cured for other conditions, ensure that you inform your medic that you are consuming Neurontin. It can produce unusual reactions, especially when consumed along with other remedies. In general, the drug should be stored in a cool, dry place. In case you are consuming liquid medicine, you can depot the same in a refrigerator. However, insure that the remedy doesn’t freeze.

Dosing Information for Neurontin

● Adult Dose for Epilepsy This is usually in the strength of 300 mg, it must be taken via mouth, once on 1st day, twice on 2nd day, and then three times on 3rd day. A support portion is usually 3 times in day, from 300 to 600 mg. The max period between the portions is less than 12 hours; especially when one is taking portions three times in day. ● Adult Portion for Treating Postherpetic Neuralgia Here an initial portion is 300 mg via mouth on 1st day. After that, it is twice for 2nd day and a same portion three times on a day three. ● Pediatric Dose for Treating Epilepsy It can be prescribed to children above three years of age. Starting dose for children less than 12 years of age is usually 10 or 15 mg as per body weight in kilos. It is offered in three doses a day. For children who are over 12 years of age, they are given doses similar to adults.


1. What Happens If You Are Missing a Dose? You should consume the dose as fast as you memorize or skip the same when it’s almost time to the next dosage. 2. What Happens in the Case of Overdose? You must consult your doctor or call your local emergency medical helpline. 3. What Activities Should You Avoid? Since reactions are often impaired after taking this medicine it is best to refrain from hazardous activities or driving. Also, one should avoid taking alcohol.