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Glucophage for Lowering Glucose Levels in Blood

Glucophage is a drug used to lower blood glucose levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. It comes as Glucophage (pills) and Glucophage XR (extended-release tablets). It is also known as MetforminusBeta-Blockers. Glucophage is a prescription drug and should only be used after proper consultation with a doctor.


Pharmacological Action

Glucophage works by preventing the synthesis of glucose in the liver. This way glucose is not synthesized from its precursors and its levels in the blood remain low. In addition, Glucophage increases the sensitivity of the cells to insulin, they respond to insulin, and glucose is transported in the calls, thus lowering blood sugar levels. The insulin released by the pancreas is just sufficient to maintain a healthy sugar level in the blood.

Mode of action, dosage, and duration of treatment

Before starting oral metformin, you need to read the instructions given in the pamphlet. The next thing to do is to consult your physician about any concerns or doubts of yours. The usual dose is one tablet daily or 3 times i.e., after every meal. However, Glucophage XR is consumed only once in 24 hours. You can consume it after proper food intake. You should drink plenty of water before and after taking Glucophage. The dosage of metformin depends on the severity of your disease, other diseases you are suffering from, and other drugs are taking for other illnesses. All of this can be assessed based on a complete history given to your physician. In clinical practice, metformin is administered at a low dose and then gradually the dose is incremented. You always should maintain a chart of the daily blood sugar levels when using metformin because your physician will alter the dosage based on the requirements of your body.


Just like the coin reads two sides, Glucophage entails some side effects. Thus, you need to consider certain points when consuming Glucophage. Let us have a look at the set of precautions:  Inform your doctor about a positive history of drug allergies particularly allergy to Glucophage.  Give a complete history to him or her. Do not forget to mention any breathing problems, liver issues, or deficiency of essential nutrients.  If you need to undergo a procedure in which contrast containing iodine is used, stop using metformin. You must tell your physician about this break and then re-starting the use of metformin again.  Do not operate machinery and do not drive vehicles when using metformin.  The intake of alcohol should be cut down to a minimum when you are taking metformin.  It is advised to maintain a good hydration status when metformin is a part of your drug regimen.  Glucophage can be used in pregnancy only when all other alternatives have not been successful.  Take the advice of your doctor about appropriate contraception as metformin multiplies the chances of conceiving.  Breast-feeding women should consult their doctor for expert opinion about its safety during lactation.

Side Effects

A number of prevalent side effects are:  Feel like nausea or vomit  Gut issues  Diarrhea  Weird taste of the mouth Stomach problems should not be ignored because they could be a hint that you are suffering from lactic acidosis. In some situations, the use of metformin can lead to low blood sugar levels. The symptoms are:  Trembling  Tachycardia  Hunger  Blurring of vision  Tingling sensation in the hands and feet The easiest way to curb these symptoms is to immediately consume something sweet. If you are not taking the proper dose, your blood sugar levels may be extremely high despite taking metformin. In that case you should be having these symptoms:  Thirst  Confusion  Frequent urination  Fast breathing etc. Call your doctor instantly when you experience any of these symptoms. In some very rare cases, metformin can cause drug allergies Beta-Blockers. It is manifested as the typical signs of an allergic reaction  Rash  Itching  Trouble in respiration  Drowsiness In case, someone showcases these symptoms they should be immediately rushed to the emergency room.

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